‘Ishmael’ nel Regno Unito

Sta per uscire l’edizione inglese di Nel nome di Ishmael, presso Atlantic Books. Questa accanto (ingrandibile cliccandoci sopra) è la spiazzante copertina, che per me costituisce un enigma che sfiora il complotto. E questa è la scheda di presentazione, reperibile su Amazon:
“A savage and complex thriller set in fogbound, wintry Milan, In the Name of Ishmael is the story of a secret cult of assassins and the two detectives who set out to reveal the truth about Ishmael, the group’s heavily protected and enigmatic leader. Expertly weaving apparently unmatched threads in two separate time periods – mysterious child murders, a series of seemingly unconnected assassinations, the accident that killed Princess Diana, a disturbing society of sadomasochists, and the death of an Italian press magnate – Genna crafts a chilling and utterly compelling tale of political conspiracy and serial murder. Terror and spellbinding literary gamesmanship are at the heart of this daring fiction debut. In the Name of Ishmael is a gripping whodunit and stunning work of literary fiction”.
Giuseppe Genna – In the name of Ishmael – pgg. 400 – Atlantic Books – £ 12.99

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